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LA Cosplay Con

LA Cosplay Con, a fun and emerging convention, was held June 11th in Long Beach, CA. The convention, which bills itself as an event which focuses on the art of cosplay (costume play), had several notable guests from the cosplay and Hollywood community including: Stephen Kramer Glickman, Nick Azarian, Bonnie Gordon, Xander Jeanneret, Tara Cosplay (Tara-Nicole Azarian), Jeremy Kent Jackson, Amber Romero, AJ Locasio, Jason Ybarra, Traci Hines, Dominic Ctrambone, Loki Hates You, Vert Vixen, Ashlynne Dae, Miley Tiny Thunder, Kid Surfer, Black Dragon Cosplay, Ms. Deadly Z, Dustbunny, Angi Viper, Kelly Eden, Agents of Khoas, Alexandria The Red and more!

Throughout the day guests had the opportunity to shop the vendors, play in the extensive gaming area, jump on a velcro wall, attend panels and after hours there was an awesome dance party featuring DJ Quickpheet


Photo Gallery By Thomas Oed - contributing photographer


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