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On April 29th, 2016, Club Cosplay descended upon the House of Blues at Downtown Disney in Anaheim for the final time. The House of Blues is relocating to its new Anaheim location on Katella which will open in the fall.

The organizers pulled out all the stops to give H.O.B. a proper sendoff! Many ClubCosplay regulars were there to entertain the crowd, including Rhapsody Artejo, Richie Lillard, the Club Cosplay Dancers and Hip Hop Trooper! Of course there was a costume contest, and the judges included Jessica Merizan from SyFy's Heroes of Cosplay, VertVixen, Thomas Vollum, and Chad Roku of Roku Props, who, as always, designed and built the awesome trophy for the overall winner, this time a coplayer who desgned, built, and wore a fantastic Mk-1 Iron Man suit! Great job!

Club Cosplay also recently debuted in Denver, CO, to coincide with Denver Comic Con 2016! We eagerly await the return of ClubCosplay to the Southern California area, including at the new House of Blues when it opens!

Photos by - Thomas Oed - Contributing Photographer

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