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Beach Con 2016

Beach Con 2016, organized by Shadae Milner, was a HUGE hit! What fun! Huntington Beach was the perfect backdrop to this awesome "unofficial convention" that really was one of the most relaxed, enjoyable cosplay events we have attended recently!

The ocean, of course, was beautiful and the people were relaxed, friendly and loads of fun! There were also some very creative beach cosplays! People went all out taking their favorite fandoms and beach-a-fying them! The creativity was amazing!

The day was informal, but there were activities if you wanted to participate!

Check out what attendees could choose from!

☆Ice Breaker 12:00 P.M - 1 P.M 2 truths and a Lie ☆Sandcastle competition Begans 1 pm ☆Scavenger Hunt 2 pm - 3 pm ☆Water gun fight 3 pm (Bring your own Water guns) ☆Sandcastle Competition judging 3:00 p.m ☆Foam Sword Fight 4pm: (Bring your own foam swords) ☆Freeze Game 5pm ☆Balloon Pop 18 + 5 pm ☆Speed Dating 6:30 Pm ☆S'mores Cookout 6 pm: (Bring your own S'mores supply) ☆Raffle 6:00 pm

Everywhere we looked there was a photo shoot or an interview going on. People really used Beach Con to the fullest extent! Nerdtabulous is excited to see this convention grow! Hats off to the organizers for an amazing event!

Contributing photographers: Thomas Oed & Nicholas Sullivan

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